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How can I help?

Option 1

Take a selfie video (up to max. 60 seconds) with your smartphone to introduce yourself and tell the viewers why you like to support Projekt Marionette. (For all uncreative persons please see sample text).

Please send us the selfie video + your contact details (first name, surname, mobile phone number) and short public issue via to: Subject: Selfie Video + Your Name.

We will contact you with the scheduled release date. At the release day you can publish your video to your favorite social media network (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). Remember to tagg it. Please use the following
Hashtag: #projektmarionette

Sample Text
Individual greeting “Hello”, my name is “first name last name”
I am “job/activity”. I support Projekt Marionette because “… own statement”… and you can help too! All information can be found on Social Media Channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) or on their website “ Thank you!

Option 2

Donate money by bank transfer or PayPal. Every euro helps!
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Option 3

Become exclusive sponsor/partner of Projekt Marionette.
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