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in August 2019 we founded the non-profit charity association Projekt Marionette z.s. to help children with disabilities and their families.

For most children with combined disabilities, it is simply impossible to stand or walk alone!

Meanwhile, there are technical aids that improve health, physical and motor skills, so that these children can gradually integrate step by step into their everyday lives and fulfill their dreams … to be more independent and free!

We want to help!
For this purpose we collect donations. It’s quick and very easy online. So make your donation today.

With the money from donations we want to buy so many special technical aids as possible. For example:

NF Walker ––5xo7aGY or FireFly Upsee –

These can contribute to improving health, physical and motor skills so well that these children can partially, even fully integrate into normal life and fulfill their dreams … to be more free and independent!

For the later implementation we cooperate with two official organizations “Life for children”, and “Families with children with disabilities”,

Please help children with the most natural thing in the world; to walk!

Thank you for your time! – Like | Share | Help

Signatur Dana & Jörg Thiwissen

Dana and Jörg Thiwissen
Founder of Projekt Marionette z.s.


Our team of volunteer media and marketing professionals makes the project a unique experience with passion and commitment.

Dana Thiwissen
Founder & CEO

M: +49 [0] 170 2670857
M: +420 608 021 862

Jörg Thiwissen
Founder & CEO

M: +49 [0] 171 9696900
T: +49 [0] 2151 92 88-612